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We also confirmed that I never played football occasionally and did not grow up at a higher level. But sometimes I haven't played at the club level yet. When I was in college, I played in a public school club, and even though I always played and loved it, I was never crazy or I didn't like it very much. I got more inspiration from the other side of the whole game. Part of the training. I had my first training appointment when I was 14 when I was still in school. He was a primary school teacher and helped his father Totosite many times from the beginning and then helped him more consistently. When I was 16, I had my first minimum under-7 meeting to continue training. I started training a lot and got really involved in leading the football.

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I live in Liverpool. There are two main clubs. At this young age, player registration is almost over. Many people in these two clubs are constantly chasing the same players. Somehow we know how to bring together young and good people in our group. Everton asked us to examine them, gave us a unit, and said, "Can you send them to us, thinking you have a good young player?" So I started doing it too. I know how to get into the Everton Foundation and offer a touch of mentoring development there.

I left school before the sixth structure began. At that age, I hate Scholar. I needed to have more common sense, so I left school and went to college to complete a sports performance course. Good. Then I went to John Moors University in Liverpool and attended science and football courses. I started looking at the open football door there. I got my first job at John Moores University, holding a camera, filming matches and filming Premier Leagues. In the last year of my three-year training, I served as a temporary member of the first team in 스포츠토토 베팅 업체 Everton. I was lucky to get the job and I could give it up when I was in third grade. John Moores University has consistently placed assistants on Everton's first team through the program. I work with Steve Brown and Paul Grely, who are now at the club. It didn't work out the right way. Supporting the information base and carrying out such work is rather an obstacle. It is still up to the group to focus on the discussion and find out how Steve and Paul acted and participated in the day of the match. I'm also ready to go under 18. I have to watch some youth cup matches. In retrospect, it was a good meeting, even though I thought it seemed less widespread. I didn't get paid what I deserved.


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